Job Description

Lead Director of Business | Central Services - All Campus Support | Full-time

Position Status: Full-time

Position Summary:

The Lead Director of Business provides leadership for the business division of the Central Services Team including Finance, Human Resources, Facilities, Safety and Security, and Information Technology.  In all actions, reflects the Sun Valley Community Church (SVCC) team leadership distinctives.


Essential Functions:


  1. Finance:

    1. Lead in the research, development, presentation, and oversight of the church-operating budget

    2. Provide oversight for SVCC’s ongoing revenue and expenses

    3. Represent SVCC in acquiring any needed financing and debt management

  2. Human Resources:

    1. Provide oversight for the improvement, development, and implementation of processes including, but not limited to, employee handbook, insurance, benefit packages, on-boarding and exiting staff, etc.

  3. Facilities:

    1. Provide oversight for the maintenance, cleaning, repairs, product ordering, contracts, improvements, and expansions to all facilities, properties, and assets

  4. Safety and Security:

    1. Provide oversight for the safety, security, emergency medical response functions and day-to-day operations of planning, preparation and training of staff and volunteers in safety and security procedures.               

  5. Information Technology:

    1. Provide oversight for the IT infrastructure and platform for each of the SVCC campuses 

Minimum Qualifications:

Education and training (earned degrees and other credentials) that has equipped them for the duties of this role

Successful track record of minimum of four years of full-time experience in an upper level leadership role in a church leading leaders and teams focused on business operations, including budget development, facility and operational management, and people management

Demonstrated spiritual maturity and character consistent with the Biblical requirements for church leadership

Clear understanding of “church culture” and the ability to differentiate between “church world” and “business world”

Strategic in nature with the ability to envision, develop systems and processes, implement and drive projects and strategies through to completion

Self-motivated, self-directed, requiring minimal supervision

Effective communication skills, both written and verbal

Teamwork orientation demonstrating strength to recruit, develop and motivate others in a manner consistent with establishing and maintaining effective working relationships

Agrees and aligns with the mission, vision, leadership distinctives, and doctrinal statement of SVCC


Preferred Qualifications:

Five years of full-time experience working in a multi-site church setting of over 2500 regular attendees, leading leaders and teams focused on business operations