Job Description

Worship Director | Central Services - All Campus Support | Full-time

Position Status: Full-time

Position Summary:

The Worship Director supports the Sun Valley Community Church (SVCC) vision by leading teams that create and execute engaging Christ-centered musical worship experiences. This position works closely with SVCC Production to support and enhance the overall weekend worship experience through video, audio, lighting, and creative elements. In all actions, this role reflects the SVCC team leadership distinctives.

Essential Functions:
  1. Participate in the Weekend Team creative process for design and review of weekend worship services

  2. Meet regularly with the SVCC music leadership team to plan and develop the weekend worship services

  3. Function as one of the rotating worship leaders for SVCC weekend services at all campuses. Lead a minimum of 45 weekends per year

  4. Provide leadership for assigned campus and assist production staff with weekly campus prep

  5. Recruit volunteers and build teams to fulfill the SVCC vision. Shepherd and develop staff and volunteer teams, as assigned. Pastor to the general church family as requested/required

  6. Work with Music Director(s) to develop musicians and artists to realize and utilize their God-given potential

  7. Communicate on a regular basis with key people to effectively execute weekend services and other matters with clarity and in a timely manner

  8. Prepare musically and spiritually to lead rehearsals

  9. Assist Worship Pastor in developing strategic plans for the department in alignment with the overall church mission, vision, values, and strategies

  10. Create an atmosphere of relational warmth and connection through the weekly green room time

  11. Creative and artistic development through the SVCC studio when needed

Minimum Qualifications:
  • High school diploma or equivalent, and earned degrees and/or other training that has equipped them for the duties of the role
  • Two years of full-time experience in a church of 1,000+ in a similar role
  • Possess the musical, technical, and vocal ability to lead worship effectively in the context of SVCC Demonstrates spiritual maturity and character consistent with the Biblical requirements for church leadership
  • Effective relational skills; proficiency in communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Self-motivated, self-directed requiring minimal supervision
  • Teamwork orientation with ability to recruit, train, shepherd, lead and motivate others
  • Agrees and aligns with the vision, values, pathway, leadership distinctives, and doctrinal statement of SVCC

Preferred Qualifications:

Three years of related experience