Tempe Campus

Warehouse Administrative Assistant

Tempe, Arizona
Work Type: Part Time
The Warehouse Administrative Assistant sources, negotiates, and administers contracts and purchase orders for best products for Sun Valley Community Church (SVCC). In all actions they reflect the SVCC team leadership distinctives. 

This position is part-time at 15 hours per week. 

  1. Source materials, goods, and products by negotiating the best or most cost-effective contracts and deals. Negotiate new contracts and renegotiate expiring contracts with vendors/suppliers 
  2. Maintain appropriate inventory levels by performing inventory inspections and reordering supplies and stock as needed 
  3. Update and maintain records of all orders, vendors, quantities, prices, delivery information, and invoices 
  4. Coordinate with the warehouse team to track and trace freight through the delivery process 
  5. Follow up on delays or orders that have been rescheduled and resolve delivery or purchasing issues 
  6. Handle Return to Vendor items 
  7. Verify purchases by comparing them to a master list and recommend alternatives for expensive or unsuitable products 
  8. Serve as back-up for the warehouse team as needed 

  • High school diploma or equivalent 
  • One year of related experience 
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office and Internet 
  • Ability to manage time and perform accurately and effectively under pressure 
  • Self-motivated, self-directed requiring minimal supervision 
  • Detail oriented with strong administrative, organizational, mathematical, contract principles and procedures, problem solving and customer service skills 
  • Analytical skills, with the ability to create financial reports and conduct cost analysis 
  • Understanding of supply chain procedures; negotiation skills 
  • Effective communication skills, both written and verbal 
  • Demonstrates spiritual maturity and character consistent with the Biblical requirements for church leadership 
  • Teamwork orientation demonstrating strength to assist others in a manner consistent with establishing and maintaining effective working relationships 
  • Agrees and aligns with the mission, vision, leadership distinctives, and doctrinal statement of SVCC 

Two years of related experience 
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