Gilbert Campus

SV Kids Midweek Childcare Assistant

Gilbert, Arizona
Work Type: Part Time


The SV Kids Midweek Childcare Assistant, under guidance of the SV Kids Midweek Ministry Coordinator or SV Kids Preschool Coordinator, is responsible for midweek childcare events during midweek adult programming, including but not limited to, the operation of fun, safe, and relational environments, which support the spiritual development of children.  This position works toward developing trust with parents while providing excellent guest experiences for new and returning guests.  In all actions, reflects the Sun Valley Community Church (SVCC) team leadership distinctives.  

This is part-time position at 15 hours per week. 


  1. Provide practical guidance (i.e., room assignments, parental assistance, adherence to guidelines and event plans, crisis management) and support for Midweek Childcare Workers during events for which the Midweek Childcare Assistant has been scheduled by the Midweek Ministry Coordinator
  2. Implement classroom programs based on curriculum chosen with the approval of the SV Kids Director in a manner that is age appropriate, fun, safe, engaging and inviting
  3. Provide welcoming and positive relational guest experience for parents participating in midweek events.  This may include assisting parents to check in their children
  4. Encourage the midweek team through prayer, practical guidance and support of a fun, creative and relational team environment during events 


  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Self-motivated, self-directed requiring minimal supervision
  • Ability to drive projects and strategies through to completion
  • Creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Teamwork orientation and ability to motivate others
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills with both kids and adults
  • Strong understanding of the development of preschool age children through 4th grade
  • Demonstrates spiritual maturity and character consistent with the Biblical requirements for church leadership
  • Agrees and aligns with the mission, vision, leadership distinctives, and doctrinal statement of SVCC and mission of the Next Gen Ministry


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